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Ed Anderson

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Ed Anderson joined the industry in 1975 after losing a trucking business. He started as a transport driver in New Jersey for Utility Propane Co. Since then Ed has held several different positions in multiple companies, including:  Service Manager, area safety manager, area salesman for an industry wholesaler and a founding partner in a training and consulting company. Besides the Utility Propane Co. Ed has been employed by Petrolane Gas, Keene Gas Corp, Paramount Propane Co, Star Gas Propane LLC and formed ETS Associates LLC. Currently, he is semi-retired and doing LP-Gas CETP training as well as Pipeline Safety training and consulting for several clients across New England.

Industry Involvement

Member of the Propane Gas Association of NE, former safety committee, former chairman for 7 years
Former member of the National Propane Gas Association since 1989
Former member of the following NPGA Committees:
Gas Check
Education Training & Safety
CETP Certification Committee
Member of NFPA since 1986

Industry Licenses & Certifications

Licensed in Maine Propane and Natural Gas
Licensed in New Hampshire Propane and Natural Gas
2015 Gas Seminar Instructor for NH Mechanical Licensing Board
Certified in Vermont for all classes of Propane
NPGA CETP Program Certified in all eight areas of Certification
Registered Proctor with NPGA For the CETP Program

Fire Service Involvement

Joined Hampton NJ Fire Department in 1963
Joined the Alstead NH Fire Department in 1980, was promoted to Assistant Fire Chief in 3 years
Joined the Meadowood County Area FD in 1984
Currently a lifetime member of the former MCAFD
Constructed an LP-Gas Fire Fighter Training Facility at MCAFD in 1992 which was written up in Fire Engineering magazine in March 1993
Past NH Certified Fire Fighter level 2
Past NH Certified Fire Instructor

David Burnell

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David has been working in the Propane and Natural Gas Industry for 38 years. During this time he has worked in an industrial capacity, transitioning later in his career into Regulation and Safety. As a result, David is able to take a pragmatic approach with his interpretation, writing, and teaching of regulations. During his time in the regulatory field, Davic has sat on both National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 54 and 58 committees to help update Regulations related to Propane and Natural Gas, which provided insight into not just the regulations, but the intent behind them. He is nationally recognized and frequently receives requests to consult propane operators with Compliance of 49 CFR part 192. The Combination of these Experiences and Roles makes for an engaging and relatable trainer for continuing education of operators and engineers. In addition, he is Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) qualified to preform inspections on natural gas and propane distribution systems.


State of New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission: Pipeline Safety Specialist 2003-2018

In this Role, David was responsible for enforcing pipeline safety regulations for the Natural Gas and Propane Industries throughout New Hampsire. This included Natural Gas transmission and the distribution networks. During this time, he also assisted in Writing Rules for the new Propane enforcement Program Pertaining to the federal pipeline safety regulations

Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation: Propane and Natural Gas, Propane Licensing Inspector 1998-2003

David was Brought into the office to develop and implement an inspection routine for a new propane licensing program for the State of Maine. He was also part of the team that wrote the rules and regulations for the newly founded Propane and Natural Gas Board.

Suburban Propane, Portland, Maine: Training 1980-1995

Completed Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) Training to inspect the following requirements including the training completed:
Distribution Integrity Management Programs, LNG Systems, Operator Qualification Programs, Corrosion Control Systems, Gas Pressure Regulation Systems, and Pipeline Safety Regulation Application & Compliance Procedures.

Available for training all across New England
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